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General Registration Process

Markets Bank offers traders at all levels to trade on the financial markets using our two state of the art trading platforms. Our users are required to provide accurate information for communication purposes, in order to keep you updated regarding your account activities. We will require the following information for you to register: 1. Name 2. Last Name 3. Email Address 4. Phone Number 5. Password

Observance of The Law

It is our duty to abide by and comply with certain laws and policies such as AML laws and KYC policies. These processes are industry standard and we must ensure our clients follow them upon account activation.

Please feel free to read more about AML/CFP Policy KYC under “Policies”. For a quick guide to register and activate your account, click here.

What Have I Registered For?

Clients are often looking for a third party trading software for automated trading. The software is linked to the platform and activates automatically within a few days of account activation.

As Markets Bank specialises in manual trading, we advise all of our clients in manual trading and ensure that they are educated in the differences between automated and manual trading so that they can make an educated choice between the two.

How Can I Reach Markets Bank?

We know how important quick and reliable communication is, which is why we offer a number of ways to reach out, including Whatsapp, our customer support numbers, E-mail and Online chat. All of our contact details can be found on the Contact Us page.

You can always send a request directly to your personal Account Manager requesting that they call you back, or you can also contact our Customer Support Team who will be able to arrange the callback for you.

Verification and KYC

Withdrawals and Refunds